Data Analysts Nanodegree has started!

Yesterday, the content for the Data Analyst Nano Degree (DAND) was released. I could not wait to get started so I already dug into the material. The Syllabus for Term1 is the following:

The first part, Welcome to Term1, consists of 3 video lectures and a final capstone project which needs to be passed to complete this section. 



Welcome to the Nandodree Program! is the name of the first video series in the welcome to Term1 section. It provides an overview over the course syllabus, an introduction of the different teachers as well as study tips, and encouragement on joining the available study communities (slack and the forums) in which you can ask for help from your peers who are part of the same cohort. Udacity also provides, and this is very different from the other MOOC platforms I know, an own career portal. Here, you can get advice on improving your CV/Linkedn page, etc. Udacity also fosters collaborations with possible employers and a career profile page which can be activated if you are actively looking for a new job.


The second video series is called the Life of a Data Analyst. In this section, there are 3 videos about women who work in the field of data analytics. There are 2 Data Scientists, one works for Hire and one works for Facebook. And one data analytics manager who works for Summit Schools. Her job is to create dashboards which show the performance of the different students. In this section, you can already see that Udacity is truly trying to erase the gap between studying a new skill and really getting the chance to apply this knowledge in a new job. By given context and showing the work of data analysts in their day jobs a first link between the for the job required skill set and the syllabus is established.

I haven’t started yet with the next section. It will be about SQL. So after the introductory part, this will be the first section where data analytics skills are taught. I hope to finish this section by this week.


Overall, the first impression is good. The quality of the content is very high. The videos are very professional and engaging. Since the cost for the program is quite high (499€) I expected a noticeable difference to the other programs which are available on platforms like Coursera or Udemy. And on a first glance, the higher quality is definitely visible. Especially, in the additional support provided for the students (Interviews with professionals, Career Portal). There is also a mentor assigned to you who checks in with you regularly. I will write more about the quality of the video lectures in my next post.

See you then!


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