First steps in the DAND and prep

I purchased the DAND (Data Analyst Nano Degree) today. The first section will cover data analysis with SQL and Python. There is an official start date for the cohort which is in 12 days on the 13th of February. Till then I will refresh my statists knowledge with the free intro to descriptive statistics course. As I understand it, the course is itself part of the Nanodegree syllabus so I might be able to already make up some time and work ahead.

Additionally, I started the R Programm A-Z course on Udemy. Kirill Eremenko teaches the course. I purchased his Advanced Tableau course on Udemy as well and found him to be a fun and enthusiastic teacher. I have no prior experiences with R so I hope completing this course will equip me with basic knowledge of this tool and enable me to leverage its advantages which makes it so popular in the data science community.

I will also try to solve one python quiz on to expand my python coding skills.


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